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like fringe?

If so, you should join and/or watch stclaires, a daily Fringe community. Click the picture to join!

Also, I'm back from my unannounced and very long hiatus from icon-making. I want to get back on the wagon, and am in the process of making a new post. If you're interested, leave me subjects you would like to see in the upcoming post. TV shows, films, actresses or actors, anything.
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25 / marion cotillard moodtheme

Well, I never thought I'd make a moodtheme, and now I know why. Guys, this thing took forever to make. And I mean that. Forever. It got to the point where I didn't want to look at Marion's face any longer, and if you know me, that is a tragic thing. (Don't worry, Marion, darling, I still love you.)


The zip contains 132 Marion Cotillard moods (100x50 borderless images), and a .txt file for the admin console.

→ please credit & comment if using.
→ there's a really helpful how-to guide for installing located here.
→ please no hotlinking from the preview images.
watch this community for updates!
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24 / 107 multi-fandom icons

guys, this is an actual icon post. after months of me being a terrible iconist, a post. are you shocked? i bet you're shocked. in this post:

allison harvard, billie piper, cate blanchett, christian bale, cillian murphy, emma watson, johnny depp, marion cotillard, olivia wilde, alice in wonderland, edward scissorhands, fight club, the history boys, harry potter, kill bill vol. 1, let the right one in, new moon, nine, pride and prejudice, public enemies, the time traveler's wife, trainspotting, lost, skins, bat for lashes, and kid cudi.

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mod / rename

some wonderful anonymous person (♥) bought this community a rename token, so i'm just here to let everybody know that:

delicons → bin

i'll make reminders with the next few times i post. also, i'm removing all members from this community. when i initially made it, i planned on making some entries members-only, but it's going to remain completely public. do not be alarmed if you are removed as a member from this community.

also, don't forget there's a new post and an opportunity to make requests here.